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We welcome visitors on the official website of Uh Bike Limited!

Welcome to Uh Bike Limited

We welcome visitors on the official website of Uh Bike Limited! We are an ambitious team, which consists of young specialists in IT sphere and computer engineering. Today we offer you stable and extremely long-term cooperation, the result of which will certainly be the rapid growth for us and guaranteed profits for you. At the heart of our proposal is attracting investments for the organization and development process of crypto mining, the most popular and modern type of earnings that we are offering. Our technical capacities allow to conduct mining process around the clock, and the excellent geographical location of our two data centers is beneficial to the cost of mining.

Experts of Uh Bike Limited firmly believe in the prospects of cryptocurrency. We are able to analyze the market and draw the necessary conclusions on the basis of changes in the field of digital money: new approaches and algorithms of mining, fluctuations in the price chart, as well as new applying of Bitcoin and its derivatives types - forks and altcoins.

financial partner

When you are choosing Uh Bike Limited first of all you choose a permanent and reliable financial partner, with whom you will be able to work for the next few years. The offered investment terms imply the indefinite financing our company from your side in return for guaranteed long-term income. The funds we need to significantly reduce the operating costs associated with the lease of premises for data centers, purchase of modern necessary equipment for mining, as well as inline costs related to the payment of bank borrowing.

Our advantages

Among the indisputable advantages of Uh Bike Limited are:

Bike Share Everywhere

Social Bicycles can be found in cities and at universities, corporate campuses and residential properties.

High-quality technical experts

High-quality technical experts with knowledge and experience in the field of Internet technologies, digital marketing and sociological research.

Socialize Your Ride

Share your mapped rides and statistics, including miles traveled, CO2 reduced, calories burned, and money saved versus driving.

Easy to Find and Reserve

Find and reserve a bicycle from a web browser or mobile device. Don’t have internet access? You can also make a reservation directly from the keypad interface on the bike.

automatically receive investment

A unique online platform modified to automatically receive investment, provide daily accruals and handle withdrawal requests of clients.

Officially registered

Officially registered company in the Great Britain. It promotes the legalization of our business and attract investment to modernize our market operation.

Experts of Uh Bike Limited
firmly believe in the
Crypto COINS model and bicycle rental market.

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video presentation

To make a profit with Uh Bike Limited. Social Bicycles uses wireless technology to enhance personal mobility. Our smart bike works with regular bike racks making our system affordable and scalable.

Imagine a world where you can pick up and leave a bike wherever you need to go. Enter UHBIKE: a bike sharing service to fulfil urban short trips conveniently, anytime, anywhere, by combining innovation and today’s IoT (Internet of Things) technology. UHBIKE is green, reduces congestion and continually strives to improve the quality of city life.

UHBIKE provides an affordable means of shared transportation for convenient short urban trips, while reducing congestion and our city's carbon footprint that improves the quality of city life.

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